Are you a Synchedin contributor who has shared some of your wonderful sound effects with us? If you’re wondering why you’ve not been paid, let us explain!

So, you’ve taken the time to record your own SFX and upload them to Synchedin. It’s high time they were shared with the world, popping up on YouTube, TikTok, you name it. But, it’s been a couple of weeks, and you’ve not seen any payment yet? Not to worry!

You will be paid for any use of your SFX 45 days after the month earnings were generated. For example, if earnings were generated in January, you will receive payment in March between 15th – 20th.

There is a $50 threshold which will need to be met first before any payment can be sent out. This means that if you earned $26 in January you will not receive anything in March. But if you then earned $25 in February, you will receive all $51 in April.