Alternative indie rock band and resident BIRTHDIY artist Hause Plants have recently planted their roots on our royalty free music catalogue.

Hailing from Lisbon in Portugal, DIY bedroom pop artist Guilherme Correia writes and records as Hause Plants. Ranging from themes like social anxiety, careless coming-of-age and nights out in a big city, Hause Plants’ songs combine the urgency and vitality of 80’s post-punk with the ethereal landscapes of dream pop and shoegaze.

Utilizing upbeat, guitar driven melodies with incredibly catchy chorus vocals, Hause Plants’ debut EP “Film for Color Photos EP” manages to perfectly capture the very essence of youth in exciting 3/4 minute bursts. Our personal favourite here at Synchedin HQ is “Visual Diaries”. Opening with a beautiful wave of dreamy indie rock guitar riffs, it’s hard not to immediately imagine yourself driving along the beachfront with the top down and the wind in your hair.

We believe Hause Plant’s fantastic 2021 release would be perfect accompanying content such as DIY indie films, Twitch Let’s Plays, YouTube vlogs, and much more exciting content!