Organic growth on Instagram ensures real followers that will actively engage with your content. Here’s how you can achieve that!

Why Organic?

We’ve all heard of people buying huge random mailing lists to spam with their content in the hopes they gain some followers. And of course, of people just straight up buying followers! Seeing a follower count in the tens of thousands looks impressive, but it’s more impressive when those followers are legit. So what does organic Instagram growth really mean? We’re not talking how to grow giant, vibrant carrots without any cheat chemicals here, however it is a similar concept. Using certain strategies to gain Instagram followers without paying is what we mean when we refer to growing your following organically. The reason this type of growth is best in the long run is that you will have an audience genuinely interested in your brand. As a result, these loyal followers will engage with your content, which will in turn bring in more followers.

How is it Done?

As previously mentioned, there are some strategies you can adopt in order to increase your following. Consistency is key, in both how often you post and when you post. The best time to post on Instagram varies depending on the day of the week and where your following is based. Generally speaking, around 7am and 5pm during the week is going to grab the biggest chunk of your audience. Whilst the weekend is likely to bring less engagement, 11am on Saturday being your best bet. Ensuring that you are consistently active will really boost engagement with your account. Make use of cool features like stories and lives in order to create fun content. Going live on Instagram is one of the best ways to notify followers of your presence, and get them involved with your brand.

Your username will also help you bring in followers. Make sure it reflects what you’re about and who you are. Update your Instagram handle to something memorable but informative, and become a synonymous account within your industry. The coveted blue tick? You can have one of your very own! Getting verified on Instagram won’t necessarily target new followers, but it will help the appearance of your account. Verification suggests you are the authority in your area, and a trustworthy business/brand.

Hopefully these pointers will help you in your quest to social media glory, or even just get your new business or project off the ground. Check out Synchedin on Instagram for cool content on royalty free music, content creatin and more!