The diagnosis is in: experimental indie rock duo Coward Syndrome now have their debut EP available for sync licensing only on Synchedin.

Another addition to the catalogue introduced from the DIY Indie label BIRTHDIY, Coward Syndrome consists of Victor Anastasio and Lapierre – 2 DIY bedroom musicians from Paris. Their fantastic debut EP POCHETTE II, was written, recorded and produced in the early months of 2020. Of course, this was when most of the world was under strict quarantine rules as a consequence of the Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak. We’re grateful these 2 talented musicians were able to create something so captivating and unique during such a bleak time. We truly can’t get enough of this release!

POCHETTE II is a delightfully fresh take on that classic indie rock sound that has largely overseen how artists carry out the production of indie rock tunes since the release of Mac DeMarco‘s 2014 Salad Days. Tape stretched drum sounds, very pitch bent guitars and dark, ethereal sounding vocals are just some of the elements that give Coward Syndrome a unique spin compared to other indie rock outfits. This can be most clearly heard in Otaku. This is a short interlude piece on their EP which reprises musical elements from the EP’s opener Flat Moon. Otaku holds such an intrinsically nostalgic timbre to it that it’s hard not to imagine yourself seeing life through a wobbly, VHS style filter. The drums are delightfully sculpted using a time-based tape stretching effect, giving the percussion a warm, homely feel to it. Interestingly, the drums themselves actually playing a rather loose, unpredictable pattern.

If we had to choose a favourite track for us here (which is harder than it sounds for this 5 track EP!), we’d have to go for the climactic track Cheb. Just as you’re getting cosy with the warm, almost melancholic vibes from the tracks prior, you’re greeted with a fantastical wall of thrashy noise to see you off. Paying true homage to the term “Indie Rock”, Cheb reaches an average tempo of a staggering 244bpm! We don’t know about you guys, but we believe hearing those ethereal, dreamy vocals and cataclysmic guitars would be best heard from within the centre of a mosh pit.