No, it’s not just something the director says whenever they bring their dog to work with them. Let us explain who the best boy in film is!

The film industry is full of some fairly unknown roles. There are huge teams of people working behind the scenes to ensure film productions run smoothly and everything is taken care of. We’ve already taken a look at what a gaffer does.

Now, we’re going to shed some light on the mysterious role of the best boy.

What is a Best Boy in Film?

Besides having an adorable sounding job title, the best boy is there to act as a right-hand man. Of course, this position can be held by a female, and the title can change to best girl or best person if you’re opting for gender neutrality or a more mature sounding title.

They will either work closely with the gaffer or grip team, meaning there’s usually a best boy electric (for the gaffer), and best boy grip.

According to No Film School, the origins of the title could lay in a couple of places. Either in the early days of filmmaking when people would ask for help from “your best boy”, or in old sailing slang.

What Does a Best Boy Do?

Film sets are a hive of activity, and there’s a lot of running around to do. The best boy will often co-ordinate this running around for whichever team they’re heading up. You can think of them as a second-in-command, or a manager under the boss of the lighting/electrical or grip department.

Often, roles will include making budgets, schedules, managing the team, loading and unloading equipment and more. The smooth-running of their assigned departments are their responsibility, making the role incredibly important.

So, it’s not always just those with their names nearest the top of the credits that play the big roles in film!