Producer Karim delivers 3 beautiful tracks with his latest EP Pieces – including this week’s dynamic new Spotlight track Heart Would Rain.

Karim is an electronic music producer from Lahore, Pakistan. They write music based on experiencing new or unfamiliar emotions and sensations. Their music has a distinct energy, coupled with infectious melodies that drive emotion and provide a sense of unity. Heart Would Rain is the first track of 3 on the EP titled Pieces. Each track features fantastically virtuosic vocalists such as Claire Donzelli and Idun Nicoline. This week’s Spotlight features the expert vocal talents of Solina, a Finnish artist who only began releasing music in July 2021 and is already making big waves for herself.

Our Spotlight feature track begins with a stylistically Avicii type acoustic guitar intro. A pristinely clean vocal enters and begins us on our narrative. By the half a minute mark, a beautifully mixed and expertly layered electronic drum groove picks up the pace as we drive towards the build up. As is tradition for Adept Records tracks, crispy trap hi-hats skitter their way underneath silky vocal melodies.

You’ve really got to tip your hat to Karim and Hayvain‘s perfect production choices in this track. Gorgeously wide synth pads glide us through the verse, and ambient audio treats deliver us safely to a classic cinematic drum build.

A side-chained screaming synth lead gives the listener the indication that things are indeed about to go down. A cheeky drum fill confirms this exact suspicion. A powerfully energetic wall of marching distortion tears through the mix, while stylistic vocal chops dance their way across the stereo field. All the glitches, pauses and stops only provide more excitement and anticipation as the drop progresses. All in all, expert production and songwriting from this trio of talented musicians!

You can download all 3 of the epic, melodic trap bangers on Karim’s EP Pieces exclusively with us on Synchedin, including this week’s spotlight track, Heart Would Rain.

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