As a musician wanting to spread your songs around, social media is a biggie. Discover the best free music distribution to Instagram right here!

Gone are the days of queuing up at the record store on a big release day. Purchasing physical and even digital copies of music releases online is in decline. Streaming is the major driving force behind the music industry these days. Although a recent inquiry found that streaming is in need of a complete reset, this method of music acquisition shows no signs of slowing down.

Being able to share your music on digital streaming services for free is a real blessing as an independent musician. Although the revenue system is less than fair, it still provides a source of income. Since the ability to perform and tour has been limited due to the pandemic, earnings made through streaming have become even more important.

Social media also offers the ability to stream and feature music on things like feed posts, short-form videos and temporary posts, like Instagram stories. If your aim is to grow your musical audience as much as possible, you’re going to need to make your work available on these platforms. There are a few digital music distribution options out there, but we know the best…

Best Free Music Distribution

Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, they all hold their own social sway. But, despite TikTok’s bid for world domination, Instagram still holds the largest audience. Fortunately, getting your music added to Instagram is simple and wallet-friendly, thanks to RouteNote!

Our official partner, RouteNote offers free digital music distribution to all artists, to 30 partner stores. These stores include all your social media favourites, plus streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, plus YouTube content ID.

Using the free model, all RouteNote users get to keep a fantastic 85% of all revenue generated by their releases. Should you wish to keep 100% of earnings, a premium service option is available for incredibly competitive prices.

Make sure your music reaches the widest audience possible by distributing to Instagram through RouteNote today!