If you’re a musician looking to songs out there and earn some money from it, then we’ve got you. Here’s how to get your music onto Facebook!

At Synchedin we’re lucky enough to be partnered with the wonderful RouteNote. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a digital music distribution service, offering an amazing range of stores for no cost whatsoever. As an independent artist, it can be tricky keeping track of distribution whilst you’re busy writing, recording, performing, and so on. With RouteNote, all the worry is taken away. Simply register, upload your music and then select which stores you’d like to distribute to. Once your music is live, you will begin earning revenue and get to keep a whopping 85% of all earnings.

It couldn’t be simpler to get your music onto Facebook. When selecting stores on RouteNote, just select Facebook and your music will automatically be uploaded to Facebook’s audio library.

This also means your music enrolling onto Facebook’s content ID system. Very similar to YouTube’s content ID system, distributing your release to Facebook will mean that videos on Facebook which utilise all or part your audio within it will be claimed on, which results in earnings for you. Another bonus of doing this, is that it automatically distributes your music to Instagram too!