If your music gets featured in a YouTube video, you could be earning revenue from that. Find out how to get your music added to YouTube content ID here!

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. So, you can imagine the astronomical number of views flying around. As an independent musician, every avenue of revenue is important – it all adds up. Being able to earn a passive income is fantastic, as it means you can make money whilst focussing on other projects.

What is Content ID?

YouTube’s content ID system uses sound assets and matches them to any video on YouTube that is using the same asset.

What Happens to the YouTube Video?

It receives a copyright claim on your behalf. The video is then monetized if it isn’t already, and the earnings for your asset is paid to you.

Copyright claims differ to copyright strikes – If a claim is placed, the copyright holder has the option to strike the channel, however this is rare.
For more information on copyright claims and copyright strikes, check out our blog on the differences between the two.

How to get Your Music Added

Our official partner, RouteNote offers a fantastic digital music distribution service for independent and established artists alike. Get your music on streaming platforms for free, and still keep hold of a massive portion of your revenue.

RouteNote streamlines distribution. You can choose from 30 partners and stores to have your music available on, retaining 85% of all earnings your tracks generate. They also offer a paid premium service that enables you to keep 100% of earnings. This plan is incredibly flexible, affording you total freedom and control as an artist.

One of these partners is YouTube’s content ID system. As long as you own 100% of the exclusive rights of the music you upload to RouteNote, it will be eligible for content ID. This means that each time your music is used in a YouTube video, RouteNote will collect the earnings and send 85% of these to you.