It’s Valentine’s Day. Whether that means you’re curled up with someone on the sofa, or with a load of chocolate, here are some classic romantic comedy movies to binge!

Valentine’s Day can be quite polarising. Some people love it, revelling in soppy greetings cards and sentimental songs. Others despise it, banishing it to the bin of meaningless capitalist holidays. We feel that, whilst you should spread the love every day of the year, Valentine’s Day can be a nice prompt to show someone you care. This doesn’t have to be with expensive jewellery or a fancy dinner date. You also can show yourself that you care, and indulge in some self-care and self-appreciation.

Turning to music, TV, and film is a fantastic way to get into the spirit of things. You can check out or Valentine’s Day Music Box collection, for some romantic royalty free music. Or, you can dig into some classic romantic comedy movies and a tub of ice cream. Yes, it is clichéd, but it’s also a solid way to spend an evening. Here are our top recommendations!

Bridget Jones

We’ll just get the best out of the way first, okay? Bridget Jones’ Diary, The Edge of Reason, or Bridget Jones’ Baby. Whichever you pick (all three back-to-back is best), you’re going to have a good time. Full of 90s and 00s hits, typical romcom tropes, and Colin Firth, this film series was made for Valentine’s Day… and Christmas, definitely a great festive watch.

Pretty Woman

The fact that the hero of this piece is a rich business on the hunt for an escort in Hollywood is a bit nuts. The sleazy undercurrent running through Pretty Woman, with the suggestion that all sex workers want to be “saved” is problematic and hasn’t necessarily aged well. However, Julia Roberts’ performance is iconic, and it’s one of those standout romcoms everyone should experience.

500 Days of Summer

Enjoying the cheesy, boomily narrated 90s trailers? Let’s step into the noughties a little further for a moment. 500 Days of Summer features the wonderful Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now pinned as something of a young, hipster favourite, this film is funny and clever. It plays on the two approaches to love: pragmatism and romance. It’s full of relatable moments, with an ultimately pleasing ending.

Roman Holiday

We’re going ultra classic for this next one. Possibly one of the original romantic comedy movies, Roman Holiday stars Hollywood icon, Audrey Hepburn. Capturing the spirit of the 1950s beautifully, whilst going for the stalwart “rich woman with normal guy” plot line, this film inspired many of the great romcoms to follow.

Notting Hill

Hugh Grant is in this film, so it’s definitely a classic romcom. One that was absolutely inspired by the Roman Holiday format, this Richard Curtis creation sees Julia Roberts take centre stage once more. The love story between famous American actor, Anna, and bookshop owner, Will, is the classic foppish English guy and formidable US star romance everyone loves. The swelling strings during one of the final scenes is eye-rollingly romcom in the best way.

About Time

The most modern in the list, About Time is another movie from romcom king, Richard Curtis. To mix things up a bit, this love story also revolves around time travel. It’s done, however, in an irresistibly charming British way, with Domhnall Gleeson playing your classic fumbling English guy, trying to navigate coolly through life to win over his love, played by Rachel McAdams.