As a creator, it can be difficult to slow down and relax. With our new Synchedin collection, you and your audience can Take It Easy!

The hustle and grind lifestyle has been heavily glamourised in recent years. It’s common to see social media plastered with posts from secretly frazzled freelancers, boasting about working for 20 hours straight. While it’s admirable to be dedicated to a project or passion, it’s dangerous to make burn out seem like a desirable goal.

If you’re a careerist content creator, or a freelance videographer, you need to keep your creative juices flowing. This is way more difficult to do if you’re trying to pour from an empty cup. Taking yourself seriously as a freelancer means recognising you need and deserve time to take it easy and recharge.

The Power of Music

People relax and unwind in a number of ways. Some like to knit, others go for walks, some people unwind by carving wooden sculptures with a chainsaw. It takes all sorts.

One thing that a lot of people have in common is that they listen to music to help them chill out. Music has the incredible power to not only emphasise moods, but create them as well. If you’re watching a scene from a movie, you could overlay sorrowful strings and it would immediately feel like a sad moment.

You can do the same with relaxation. Calming, slow tempo, gentle music can help you to let go of stress and begin to recharge. Music is the powerbank that you can plug your overworked battery into.

Share the Calm

As a video creator, you’ll hopefully have some loyal subscribers on YouTube. If not, you can learn how to gain subscribers here.

These subscribers are also human, just like you (shock). That means they too experience stress and burn out from time to time. You can do them a favour by creating some relaxing and soothing content, to help them unwind to.

Adding soothing music to your videos will promote a sense of calm. It’s best to use royalty free music, as you won’t run into any copyright bother on your channel. At Synchedin, you can use tracks from a huge library of fantastic music, all with the sync license covered. We wouldn’t want your newfound sense of chill to be disrupted now, would we?

Take It Easy | Synchedin Collection

One of our latest additions to the Collections page is the joyful and gentle Take It Easy collection.

Put the kettle on, your feet up, and stick on this collection for your very own chill music radio station. This collection is complete with independent chill music artists to download or stream at your leisure. Meaning you can add tracks to your content, or enjoy listening to them as you edit your latest video!

Here, you can sink into tunes from the likes of Borrtex, Coolum, Valdi Sabev, and Mommy’s Little Boy.

Whether your speciality is cooking content, podcasts, product review videos, or anything else, you’ll find all the chill music you need in this brand-new collection.

Sign up to Synchedin now to stream tracks, and add favourites to your very own collections.

To access unlimited downloads of the entire library to add to your content, subscribe from just $4.99 today!