When it comes to music, there are many types of copyrights and licenses. We’re here to tell you what a sync license is and why you need one!

What is a Sync License?

You may be familiar with forms of copyrights and licenses already. But, if you’ve never heard of a sync license, it’s a fairly simple concept.

A sync license is needed if you want to put music to a moving image – to synchronize the music to a video – whether that’s film, TV, video games, YouTube, Facebook… the list goes on! You’re going to need a sync license.

Why You Need a Sync License

Let’s say you’ve got a great video for YouTube but it needs some spicing up with a bit of music.
You decide to download In Your Eyes (feat. Katie McConnell) by Axero from Amazon – Great choice!
You’ve edited the music to where you want it to be in your video, and you’re just about to hit the button to publish your new creation.

Stop right there!

You may have paid to listen to the track in your own collection, but this doesn’t give you a license or rights to use it in your public videos.
This is where you’re going to have to obtain a sync license.

For years, sync licenses have been obtained by purchasing a single license for each track you want to use. Depending on the artist, that can cost some serious bucks.
Take The Rolling Stones. NBC paid them a whopping $500,000 to use (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction for only a few seconds on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

Where to Get a Sync License

Enter, Synchedin! We’ve created a subscription based platform that we believe is more in line with the modern day content creator. The internet is a fantastic hive of creativity and connectivity. We love that people from all corners of life are able to create art and share it with the rest of the planet.

By subscribing for just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per annum, you can get download access to a huge library of awesome royalty free music, all with the sync license covered. You will have full claims control, and any tracks you download are yours to use in your project forever – even after your subscription expires!

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