Are you looking for high quality music for the background of your videos? Here’s where you can download FLAC files of awesome royalty free music!

What is FLAC?

If you’re actively searching for FLAC files, the chances are you already know what they are. But, we’ll sing their praises anyway, and just in case you don’t know!

FLAC is one of three audio format files you can download from the Synchedin catalogue. It is a form of lossless audio file. A lossless file is an audio file that has been compressed to almost half the size of an uncompressed file, but shouldn’t lose any of its original quality. This is why FLAC files are popular among musicians – they are better than CD-quality, but don’t take up too much space.

If you’re a creative who churns out content, you won’t want loads of background music taking up space. Being able to download FLAC files of royalty free tracks will take some strain off your computer’s memory and leave you more space to work on more fantastic content.

How to Download FLAC Background Music

Whether you’re looking for intro music for YouTube videos, or backing tracks for podcasts, downloading audio from Synchedin couldn’t be easier! We’re all about simplicity here, ensuring your creative flow goes uninterrupted, and your precious time is saved.

Just find the track you would like to download – if you know of one already you can search for it manually in the search bar – and hit the download button on the right-hand side of it. You can then select FLAC from the dropdown menu as the audio file format. Once you hit the file type you would like, the download will automatically begin.

You’re good to go!