Break up your content into easy to navigate chunks, and learn how to add YouTube chapters to your video content right here!

When sharing videos on YouTube, you have to employ some tricks and methods to keep people sticking around. Particularly with longer videos, viewers can tend to lose interest before the end, causing them to exit the video. If you’re trying to grow your channel and even earn money through YouTube, this isn’t what you want.

Adding a well crafted, comprehensive YouTube video description is a big help in making people stick with your video. This is because they know, before watching it, what to expect and whether they’ll get what they’re looking for.

Another way of letting your audience know exactly what they’re in for, and making their viewing experience easier, is chapters.

What Are YouTube Chapters?

Just like the chapters of a novel or sections in a blog, YouTube chapters enable you to break up your content into clearly marked sections.

Timestamps have been the original method to enable viewers to skip through videos to specific parts. Adding timestamps to a video description would create a link that allowed audiences to jump forward or backward. Now, chapters are the favoured method.

How to Add YouTube Chapters

You can add chapters to your video content when uploading it to YouTube. Just like adding timestamps, the chapters must be written into the description of the video.

In order for chapters to work, you must start at 0:00 – the very beginning of your video. Simply type this up in the description and add a name to the chapter, e.g. Intro.

This handy video below demonstrates how to add chapters from start to finish.

If you would like to add chapters to existing videos you’ve uploaded, you absolutely can! Simply add the chapters into the descriptions of the chosen videos, and you’re done.