If you’ve got music uploaded to SoundCloud, you might well be able to monetize your SoundCloud profile free. Read on to find out how you can do this!

SoundCloud is one of the world’s largest streaming services, and now is a fantastic time to have your music available on there. This is because it is soon to overhaul its royalty model in favour of independent artists. If you want to have your music on more platforms besides SoundCloud, you can in fact distribute your music for free.

Monetize with RouteNote

RouteNote, our official partner, offers music distribution to stores like Facebook and TikTok‘s audio libraries. On top of these is Instagram stories, plus 27 others! More than just distribution, RouteNote offer other tools for artists, such as monetising your SoundCloud profile.

All you need to do is upload your music to RouteNote, and select SoundCloud as a store. This is completely free, and enables you to keep a lovely 85% of all revenue generated by your music. Then, you need to head to the SoundCloud Management page within your RouteNote account, and paste in your SoundCloud profile URL in the profile URL box. Once submitted, the team will verify your profile is valid and will enable monetisation within 72 hours – you must own the exclusive rights to the tracks you wish to monetise.

Next, you will see that the music you’ve uploaded is displaying as Not Cleared For Monetizing. All you have to do is copy the SoundCloud URL of the track you’d like to monetise, then paste it into the corresponding box for the RouteNote upload. Hit update, and your track will be Cleared for Monetizing.

If you’d like to monetise tracks before they go live on SoundCloud, check out this helpful article from RouteNote themselves.