Jumping on the TikTok hype train, Netflix has launched Fast Laughs, a scrollable app dedicated to funny video clips. Find out more here!

We seem to be addicted to scrolling, and companies are definitely clocking that. Netflix has launched Fast Laughs, an app with a remarkably similar interface to TikTok, in order to promote its shows.

Focussing on the comedic factor, Fast Laughs is designed to highlight funny series such as Big Mouth, films like Murder Mystery, and stand-up from comedians like Kevin Hart. Videos automatically play back-to-back, keeping the laughs coming. As people are spending more and more time on TikTok, they are spending less time binge-watching Netflix. Just as Instagram has tried to compete in the short form video arena with its own Reels, Netflix is stepping into the ring.

Currently only available for iOS in select countries, Netflix’s new app allows users to save any shows that spark their interest, for them to watch later. This is a smart move from the video OTT service, as it encourages people to spend more time with Netflix, enabling them to see just how much the platform has to offer.

During the pandemic, we were gifted with Netflix Party – a way to watch shows with friends in real time. It’s clear that Netflix is proactively intent on keeping up with the latest social trends. Could it be only a matter of time before we see its own version of TikTok Duets or further interactive features?

Customers can find Fast Laughs at the bottom navigation menu, by clicking on the Fast Laughs tab. The app will begin being tested for Android soon.

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