As the streaming aspect of the industry continues to grow, it’s important you get your music heard. Here’s how to distribute your music for free!

Do you have a new album ready to drop? Have you pumped all of your available funds into studio time and production? Fear not! Distributing your music does not necessarily mean having to spend a fortune. In fact, you can distribute your music for free!

Our official partner, RouteNote offers a fantastic digital music distribution service for independent and established artists alike. Get your music on streaming platforms for free, and still keep hold of a massive portion of your revenue. At RouteNote, you can choose from 30 partners and stores to have your music available on, retaining 85% of all earnings your tracks generate. They also offer a paid premium service that enables you to keep 100% of earnings. This plan is incredibly flexible, affording you total freedom and control as an artist.

One of the previously mentioned 30 partners includes SoundCloud. Selecting this store enables you to monetise your SoundCloud profile, although it will not upload your music to the site for you. However, if you haven’t already, now is a great time to upload your music SoundCloud, as it is overhauling its royalties system in favour of independent artists.

Utilise social media to get your music heard by using RouteNote to distribute your stuff to a variety of platforms. Distributing music to Facebook couldn’t be simpler. Ditto Instagram stories and TikTok’s audio library. From uploading, it takes just a few days for your music to reach partner stores and go live.

Once you’ve got your distribution covered, check out RouteNote’s partner, to get your marketing campaigns on point. For free, start capturing new supporters with campaigns like Fan Links and Pre-Saves.

If you’re a multitalented musician and content creator, but fancy using someone else’s music for your projects, check out Synchedin. Discover a huge library of royalty free music, available to stream for free or download for just $4.99 per month. Also get access to a great range of CC0 & royalty free SFX, and make your project stand out from the rest!