Adam Mosseri has revealed yet more updates that move Instagram closer to TikTok. Learn about the new Instagram feed changes here.

This year, Instagram is focussing more on video and messaging features. A slew of tests and trials has got underway, all in the name of progressing the platform. It’s no secret that Instagram has been feeling the pressure to match up to its biggest competitor, TikTok.

As a result of this pressure, more and more tests and updates have been announced that pushes the platform closer to being a replication of TikTok. Most recently, Instagram began testing Templates. This feature aims to help users create more original content on the platform, steering away from the reposting of other content. Specifically, it’s a bid to stop people reposting TikTok watermarked content on Reels, which is looked upon unfavourably by the algorithm.

Full Screen Feed Posts

Yesterday, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri shared the news that a more immersive home feed was in the works. Not everyone will see these Instagram feed changes straight away, but he detailed what we can expect.

The new changes will see video as a more important part of the home feed experience. Recognising that more people will interact with the platform “mobile-first”, Mosseri wants the aspect ratio to reflect this. Instead of classic Instagram squares, we’ll see taller 9:16 videos. Unsurprisingly, this will make the platform even more similar to TikTok’s full screen, scrolling feed.

Mosseri also points out that photos will be getting the same treatment. Further to this, recommendations for things the app thinks we’ll love will take up more of our screens. According to Mosseri, users will have more control over their experience as a result of this update.