Looking to elevate the excitement and pump some energy into your video content? Check out the Synchedin Drum and Bass collection!

There are countless genres and subgenres when it comes to electronic music. Some are dancey and bright, others are ominous and introspective. Some electronic music takes you onto a meandering journey into a trance-like state.

And then, for the people who want to jump around and lose their minds to some insatiable breakbeats, there’s drum and bass (DnB).

Drum'n'bass? What is drum'n'bass?

Growing out of the UK’s jungle scene in the 1990s, DnB is characterised by its fast breakbeats, heavy bass, use of samples, and synthesizers. There are, naturally, a lot of subgenres of drum and bass, meaning there’s pretty much something for everyone.

If you prefer more ambience and melody with your bass heavy whoppers, some liquid DnB might be for you. However, if you enjoy some aggression and wobble with your drum and bass, then you’ll probably appreciate jump up a bit more.

Whatever kind you go for, DnB is guaranteed to add an increased level of energy and drive to any kind of content project. If you’re sharing workout videos on YouTube, this kind of music is a must. With different BPMs suiting various types of exercise, thumping bass and motivational vocals are ideal for spurring along any sweaty subscribers.

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on some delicious drum and bass, we’ve got you covered.

Drum and Bass Collection

A lot of people believe that using royalty free music means limiting themselves solely to lofi chillhop or future bass bangers. Whilst we, of course, love all genres of music equally here (looks shiftily side to side), it’s preferable to have more choice at your disposal as a content creator.

At Synchedin, we’re all about creation without limits. That means no limits on style or genre, as well as no limits on where you can share your content.

The license that comes with every single Synchedin track allows you to share your content for personal and commercial use, with no extra fuss. It also means you don’t have to worry about dreaded copyright claims on YouTube, so you can monetise your videos without fear.

So, can you guess where we’re about to say where you can get hold of some fantastic royalty free drum and bass?

Of course, from Synchedin!

We’ve put together a fresh collection for you, featuring all our favourite sync license-friendly DnB. This collection is bursting at the seams with bombastic drum patterns, high tempos, and ludicrously unsupervised bass.

Whether you’re sharing HIIT videos on your fitness channel, or you’ve put together a video montage of some recent festival fun, we’ve got your soundtrack sorted.

To enjoy unlimited songs from amazing artists like Skeptic, Sizzle Bird, and EnV, simply subscribe to Synchedin today!