Always want to keep up to date with the freshest music and sounds? Then the New to Synchedin collection is just what you’re looking for!

Just like stock photos, you can run the risk of using royalty free music that’s been featured in everyone’s content at some point. Of course, hopping on certain popular songs can be perfect for TikTok trends. Other than that though, originality is usually the goal.

You don’t want your lovingly created content to blend into the background because it sounds just like everyone else’s, do you?

If your answer was “hell no”, then stick with me. At Synchedin, we update the catalogue on a daily basis with fantastic independent artists. That means there’s always more awesome royalty free music for you to discover and use alongside your content creations. One of the biggest benefits of constantly updating the catalogue is that we ensure the music stays trendy and relevant. If everyone’s on an AJ Tracey hype, but you can’t use actual AJ Tracey tracks, you can still make your content sound up to date and on trend.

Why Royalty Free?

Hang on a minute… why can’t you just use an AJ Tracey track in your videos?

Whilst it might sound like it makes more sense to use the real deal, that comes with some legal implications. We are, of course, talking about copyright and licensing. Sadly, you can’t just use whichever mainstream popular track you fancy. Not without running into some problems.

In order to use a legitimate AJ Tracey song in your video, you’d need to pay for the license to use it. The price of a sync license for this sort of track tends to be pretty high, which isn’t viable for most independent creators.

If you went ahead and used the track without the appropriate license obtained, you could be issued with a DMCA. In the case of YouTube, you could be hit with copyright claims or strikes, which can stop you earning money on your videos. Worst case scenario: you could lose your channel altogether if you were a repeat offender!

To avoid any of this nasty business, it’s best to use royalty free music. You can find loads of amazing royalty free songs from talented artists and producers. At Synchedin, we’re kind of picky about the artists we work with. That’s so that we can guarantee creators like you only have to choose from the very best.

New to Synchedin

Rather than spending hundreds, or even thousands, on the license for one big song, you could get a subscription to a site like Synchedin. You’d then have access to unlimited downloads of a huge, ever-growing catalogue for just $4.99 per month.

The New to Synchedin collection showcases some of the finest and freshest music available on the site. We update this regularly, so you don’t need to worry about stumbling across any stale tracks here!

Once you sign up to Synchedin, you can even start creating collections of your very own. Cherry-pick your favourite songs that you’ve discovered, or even start compiling soundtracks for film projects or podcast series. What you do with your collections is completely down to you.

Create your Synchedin account now, so you can carry on creating content masterpieces!