Razer has just announced its second soundbar, built especially for gaming. Find out all about the mighty Leviathan 2 right here!

Usually, we’d expect to purchase soundbars as part of a home entertainment system. To add heft to cinematic action sequences, or crisp up dialogue on TV shows. But, why shouldn’t there be the same attention to audio detail paid to gaming? This is a question Razer has been asking, and continues to with its latest tech announcement.

Leviathan 2

This new soundbar is unmistakably Razer, with its slick design and hallmark RGB lighting. Announced for $24.99 or £229.99, this soundbar is fairly compact at 20-inches long, fitting nicely under a gaming monitor. It’s a multi driver speaker that also contains a wired subwoofer, which connects via cable. Compared to its predecessor, the 65W Leviathan V2 is a pound and a half lighter. However, the subwoofer is about a pound and a half heavier, meaning a bigger downward firing driver.

As you’d expect from an updated version, the V2 features a handful of great improvements. Most notably, perhaps, is the signature RGB strip lighting on the soundbar’s underside. This can be programmed within Razer Synapse software for Windows, so you can decide how dramatically the speaker illuminates your desk.

A very handy feature is the swappable feet. These enable you to angle the soundbar, making sure the sound is always firing right where it needs to.

In terms of tech specs, the Leviathan 2 has two tweeters and two full-range drivers. This is the same as the original, but the difference comes by way of the rear passive radiators. These allow the gaming soundbar to provide meaty bass all by itself. Although, the subwoofer is on hand to further beef up any low end, if you want.

The V2 also features THX Spatial Audio. This surround sound application requires you to use the dedicated app, alongside Razer Synapse. This will deliver immersive, virtual surround sound, albeit in a slightly complicated way.

Whilst it’s designed to sit right in front of you at your PC station, this soundbar has the ability to seriously bring the noise. It’s great for listening to music on too, but if you’re into console gaming it may not be the perfect audio match for you. The Leviathan 2 lacks HDMI ports, meaning there’s no way to connect it up to consoles or a TV. However, if you’re solely a PC gamer, this gaming soundbar – which does support Bluetooth 5.2 – may well be worth the $250.