Digital music streaming service Spotify has announced it will offer a Spotify HiFi tier, enabling CD quality audio. Get the details here!

Later this year – which is the closest thing we currently have to a release date – Spotify subscribers will be able to listen to their favourite music in higher quality at last. This move by the streaming service should close the gap between other services like Tidal and Amazon Music and itself. At the moment, subscribers are limited to 320kbps, with non-subscribers only able to listen at half that. But, Spotify HiFi will offer CD-quality audio at upwards of 1411kbps. This means listeners can experience their playlists in more depth and with higher clarity than before.

The new service will be available in “select” markets to begin with. The price is not yet confirmed either, but it is thought that it will cost more than the standard premium subscription price. Generally, new Spotify features are initially rolled out in the US and Europe. But with the service covering over 80 territories, it is unclear where will benefit from this upgrade first.

Spotify HiFi will be available across user’s devices as well as Spotify Connect speakers. “We’re working with some of the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers to make Spotify HiFi accessible to as many fans as possible through Spotify Connect,” the service has stated.

As the world’s biggest music streaming service, swathes of people have called for an upgrade on the sound quality. Although other services are available and already provide this, perhaps Spotify could be regarded as the full package once it addresses this glaring hole.

As yet, it is unclear whether all our favourite tunes will be available in CD quality. Spotify has promised more information on this upgraded service soon. But for now, we can only look forward to finally being able to discern all those intricate details on Spotify. Delicate flourishes and audiophile-pandering minutiae that make our favourite songs so beautiful and beloved.