How do you learn stuff whilst you’re busy with something else? Podcasts! Check out these 7 must-listen-to podcasts for freelancers now!

Freelancing requires you to be constantly learning and developing. This is something that takes a lot of time – something the majority of freelancers aren’t exactly rich in. That’s why podcasts are the perfect solution. You can glean interesting insights and discover new perspectives all whilst tinkering away at a different job.

There are podcasts for just about anything now. If you’re a cinema buff, there are heaps of film podcasts. Or, if you’re a content creator looking to up their game, there are plenty of content creation podcasts you can tune into.

With the entertainment format increasing in popularity, you can get your pod fix from a number of places. Platforms like Spotify, Acast or Apple Podcasts offer a wealth of auditory content.

Because time is precious, we’ve made it, so you don’t have to trawl through these platforms looking for great listening. Here’s our list of essential listening podcasts for freelancers.

Being Boss

Being Boss is a podcast for creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their work and live life on their own terms. Explore not only what it means, but what it takes to be a freelancer or creative side hustler. Join host, Emily Thompson as she explores the mindsets, habits, and tactics of harnessing your creative ambitions and embracing the adventure of starting and growing your own business so that you can make money doing work you love.

The Freelance Friday Podcast

Latasha James presents The Freelance Friday Podcast. An inside look at the world of freelancing, featuring tips, tricks, and interviews with people who are doing it right.

The Six-Figure Freelancer Audio Course

Learn from top professionals who share their exact formulas for success in starting, growing, and maintaining a six figure freelance career.

Freelance to Founder

Freelance to Founder is a unique weekly podcast featuring coaching calls co-hosted by Clay and Preston, two freelancers-turned-business-builders. Instead of typical interviews, each week a new freelancer calls in to talk with Clay and Preston with one goal in mind: overcoming the feast/famine cycle and scaling their service business. The highly acclaimed, top-rated podcast is a weekly dive into what it really takes to go from freelance to founder.

Freelance Jumpstart Podcast

Whilst the Freelance Jumpstart Podcast hasn’t released a new episode for over a year, it’s still a fantastic resource from wannabe and already-doing-it freelancers.

Learn the difference between running a business and running a successful business. Find out what you should charge for your services, how to get clients to value your work, and how to market your services.

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or creative looking to use digital marketing to grow your business then this show is for you.

The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative podcast explores how to stay prolific, brilliant, and healthy in life as a creative professional. Host Todd Henry interviews artists, authors, and business leaders, and offers tips on how to thrive in life and work.

Clients From Hell

Clients From Hell is equal parts humorous and helpful, as it explores the landscape for creative professionals. It provides insights into survival and exploring the future of the self-employed. This is one of those podcasts for freelancers that helps remind you that you’re not alone.