If you’re looking for music to accompany your content and are wondering what’s hot, here are the top 10 most streamed songs on Synchedin!

Finding the right royalty free music to feature in your videos can be daunting. There’s so much to choose from, how do you settle on just one or two tracks? It helps to consider a few things about the video or project you’re adding music to.

  • What is the tone of the content?
  • What message are you trying to convey?
  • How do you want your personality to come across?
  • Is the pace of the content fast or slow?
  • Who are you trying to appeal to?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have narrowed the field by quite a bit. On Synchedin, we’ve made it super easy for you to find music for podcasts, background tracks for vlogs, or even soundtracks for indie films. Filter songs by genre, mood, vocals, instruments, and sub-genre.

You can browse the Synchedin library and stream tracks for free – perfect for anyone looking to add music to their Twitch streams! To get unlimited download access to songs, you can subscribe and enjoy free rein of the catalogue.

To help you start your music discovery journey, we’ve laid out the 10 most streamed songs available on Synchedin. You’ll find royalty free favourites such as Kevin MacLeod and Simon Jomphe Lepine. Enjoy a mix of ambient soundscapes and upbeat electronic dance music!

# 10

Tenth on the list of most streamed songs on Synchedin comes from the royalty free king himself, Kevin MacLeod. His track Organic Meditations Two is perfect for any guided meditation videos or for creating soothing soundscapes.

# 9

Next we have Spark by Vexento. This track is ideal for injecting some energy and bounce into any content project.

# 8

At number 8 is What Do You Do? by piano and composition whizz, Borrtex. This short piece is the perfect addition to any film soundtrack where tension is trying to be created.

# 7

It’s Kevin again. This time, with Relaxing Piano Music. One of the longer tracks in the Synchedin library, this clocks in at just under 25 minutes, and is pure piano peacefulness.


And now it’s Borrtex’s turn to reappear in the list. His track, Sense of Music is a relaxing yet thoughtful piano piece.

# 5

At number 5 is Live in the Moment by Simon Jomphe Lepine. It’s a driven and euphoric electronic track that would work perfectly for commercials or in montage videos.


Up next is HHMR with their track, Glory. You can just see time-lapsed tutorial videos when you hear this one.


It’s Kevin once more, and his hugely popular Music for Manatees. This is another longer track, at around 17 minutes, and is super relaxing and atmospheric.

# 2

The penultimate track in this list is Falling into Presence, again by Borrtex. Ambience is clearly popular amongst those who love to stream, and this track is no exception to that.


So, the sitting at the top of the most streamed songs on Synchedin list is the yearning and mellow 1am by AxR. Piano appears to be the common factor in a lot of the most streamed tracks, and firmly takes the top spot in this keys-centric song.

You can stream all these tracks for free, or subscribe to enjoy unlimited download access.