Just like all the great TV shows, podcasts need recognisable jingles. Check out our Podcast Theme Music collection to find yours!

You can learn a lot about a podcast from its theme music. It lets listeners know the mood and tone of the podcast, before any words have been spoken. Music also massively hints at what the actual content of the podcast could be about. Having a strong podcast intro is key to giving your potential new favourite fans a great first impression of your podcast. That’s why, no matter what level of podcaster you are, getting the music right is vital!

Whether you’ve just read up on the key tips and are about to launch your first episode, or you’re a seasoned pro recording their 100th show, the Podcast Theme Music collection, curated by Synchedin, will help inspire you to find your perfect jingle.

Now is a fantastic time to dip your toe into the world of podcasting, if you’re a newbie. The format has been enjoying consistent growth in popularity over recent years, particularly during the pandemic. This is partly due to more people working from home, and being able to enjoy their favourite shows whilst they type away. Recognising this boom, YouTube plans to pay creators to film their podcast recording sessions to then share on the platform.

You can check out a number of podcasting channels on YouTube to help develop and hone your skills. Expect all of them to highlight the importance of podcast theme music!

Podcast Theme Music

In this helpful Synchedin collection, you’ll find music from artists such as Ed Sheeran, Alonestar, Borrtex, and Simon Jomphe Lepine.

All tracks are royalty free and have the sync license covered. This means that you can use the music as many times as you want, without paying a penny extra. You can also rest easy, knowing that the licensing and copyright side of things has been taken care of. You may also find adding sound effects to your podcast to be a massive help in levelling up the production value of your podcast, too.

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