Want some inspiration, or maybe you’re just feeling nosey? Here are the top 10 most downloaded sound effects on Synchedin, that you can use in your projects!

Recently, we unveiled the top 10 most streamed songs on Synchedin. With so much awesome royalty free music on offer, it can be difficult to pick one for your videos or podcasts. Finding the right tracks or sounds for your projects can take time, and pose unwanted challenges. We like to compile these lists to make the process smoother for you, hopefully providing some ideas and inspiration along the way.

This time, we’re focussing on Foley, sound design, and sound effects. In our SFX catalogue, we offer a mixture of royalty free and creative commons (CC0) SFX.

That means you can add a soundscape to your projects using free sound effects, or subscribe from just $3.99 per month and get unlimited downloads of the entire sound library.

There are a number of reasons why you should add sound effects to your projects. Whether they’re feature length films, or podcast episodes. SFX help to create and build worlds, immerse audiences, highlight actions or moods, or even help with comedic effect.

Below is our list of the top 10 most downloaded sound effects available on Synchedin!

# 10

Running Water

# 9

Water 2

# 8

Sea Lapping on Shore

# 7

Crackling Fire

# 6

Outdoor Rain with Distant Ocean

# 5

Fast Ticking Clock

# 4

Pacifica Ocean Waves with Birds

# 3

Garden Noise

# 2


# 1

Waves Crashing onto Shore

It’s clear to see that nature sounds and outdoor ambience are a big hit amongst our users. There are also some classic sounds that do a lot of work when it comes to creating tension or suspense, such as the heartbeat. This is a classic example of how to use sound effects to reinforce a mood or create an atmosphere.

If you want to download sound effects to use in your YouTube videos, podcast series, or even commercial videos, sign up to Synchedin now!