If you think you’ve got a film idea destined for the big screen, you’ll need a decent script. Here are some top free screenwriting software to help!

Writing the perfect script requires many skills, and there are online scriptwriting classes you can take to help you realise your ideas. But, a big hurdle in putting a script together is the formatting and editing. Doing this manually can add heaps of extra work to your load, that is otherwise avoidable with the right software. Make light work of meeting industry-standard formatting rules and adding things like scene headings, action and character names, etc. We’ve compiled a list of the best screenwriting software that you can get your hands on at the moment for free!


As the name would suggest, this software is great for screenwriting partners who can’t get together to work. Heavily supporting real-time collaboration, WriterDuet shows any edits made immediately, displaying when they were made and by whom. It is compatible with PDF and Word, so you can import work from elsewhere to the software. There is a paid version available, which enables you to work on more than the free version limit of 3 scripts at once. Although, the free version does not impose a page or time limit.

Fade In

Final Cut is the industry standard for screenwriting, and Fade In is a fantastic free alternative. There is a paid version, but the free version is pretty much identical in terms of features. You may receive a gentle nudge to upgrade to the paid version now and then, but that’s hardly shocking. In terms of what’s on offer, Fade In support real-time collaboration and some neat organising capabilities. You can arrange based on colour-coding to highlight important points, giving a more free and personalised overview. Also, reminding you of that classic “show, not tell” writing technique, the action to dialogue calculator is there to keep you on track.


Highland is a screenwriting software that is completely plain text. It works with Fountain file, which is a purely text-based file, and can be exported to the likes of Final Cut and PDF. This means that you can write away without fiddling with the formatting. It was designed to minimise distractions and enable writers to focus solely on just that – writing. It’s worth noting that this software is only available for Mac iOS.

Arc Studio Pro

Following on from the distraction free theme, Arc Studio Pro has a clear and focussed interface. Management of collaboration and feedback is kept simple, displaying all edits and changes made. Plus, rearranging your story has been made a breeze with colour-coding and drag and drop options. The free version allows two scripts to be worked on, with no page limits. So, if you value your creative flow not being interrupted, this software is a great shout.


Trelby is an open-source screenwriting that even allows you to edit the software to suit your needs, if you’re a coding whizz. Completely free but with no script limits, pesky watermarks or locked features. A big plus for Trelby is its vast compatibility with other software and programmes. It can import Final Cut and Fountain, as well as export to Final Cut, PDF, HTML, and RTF. This means your script won’t be altered if it gets moved across platforms. Trelby is currently only available for Windows and Linux, however a Mac version is rumoured to be on its way.

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