Develop your scriptwriting skills with online learning community, Skillshare. We’ve compiled our favourite screenplay classes for you!

Write Your Screenplay: The Craft of Story, Structure and Script

Writer, director and actor, Joshua Dickinson, is here to demystify the screenplay writing process and ensure blank page syndrome is kept at bay. By the end of this class you will be able to speak the language of the screenplay and develop your original ideas into fully fledged stories.

Writing Your First Short Screenplay

This class gives a general overview of the fundamentals of screenwriting but tailored more to the short film. Kasem Kharsa shares his knowledge of filmmaking to discuss how to approach elements like narrative and format. Learn your craft in an engaging way through video lessons, reading materials and a realistic class project!

Learn Indie Filmmaking By Making a Short Film

A class that looks at filmmaking as a whole, you will get a good understanding of how to attack your screenplay as well as how to shoot it. If you’re keen to learn more about all aspects of screenwriting and filming as an independent, this is the class for you. Should you want to learn more about filmmaking, check out our list of filmmaking Skillshare classes.

Creative Writing: 7 Exercises To Generate Ideas For Your Next Story

Never get stuck for an idea again, with this quick class. Explore new techniques that will help you generate ideas for a screenplay, and flesh out existing ones. You’ll be able to develop characters and also learn how to organise your ideas.

Learn To Write Movies: Screenwriting Step by Step

Writer and director, John Watts hosts this detailed screenwriting class. Using worksheets, by the end of this class you will have a fully conceived movie, a great script and all the knowledge you need for creating a cinematic masterpiece.