Thanks to a new partnership, eligible creators will have access to Shopify on YouTube. See how shopping and video content go hand-in-hand.

Shopping and social media is a perfect pairing. Businesses market through Instagram and other platforms every day, leveraging the free advertising power available to them. Visual posts show off exciting new products, which people can buy via a linked shop.

Video content on YouTube, arguably, has even more selling power. Creators and businesses can display ranges and products at length. We might think we’re heading to YouTube to be entertained a lot of the time. But, in reality, we’re actually shopping.

Whether we’re looking at reviews of new products, or comparisons of bestsellers – we’re prepping ourselves to part with our cash. Recognising this, YouTube has announced a new partnership, which will see Shopify launching on YouTube.

Selling on YouTube

A massive part of sales is trust and reliability. The relationship between a YouTube creator and their audience is unique, in that there is a special level of trust there. Audiences spend years getting to know a creator, feeling like they can take their recommendations on board.

Businesses that create on YouTube, whether they’re a company of 1 or 100, put enormous effort into fostering this trust. That’s why having a seamless way for viewers to shop seamlessly on YouTube is such a big deal.

Many creators will benefit from the smoother customer journey. Soon, they will be able to highlight a product and have viewers purchase directly on YouTube. Reducing the number of steps a customer needs to make is sure to boost conversions.

Shopify on YouTube

The new shopping experience will begin next week. The explore tab will feature shoppable relevant content for users in the US, Brazil, and India. Additional countries will be added later in the year.

YouTube has also tried to make connecting creators’ stores to their channels even easier. This is so they can manage their businesses smoothly, making bringing their products to audiences much simpler. New tools will become available within YouTube Studio’s Shopping tab. From here, creators can have control over how their products are tagged and appear across their channel.

Making shopping during live content a breeze, all eligible creators will be able to access live shopping features, like the ability to tag products to a live stream, directly from the Live Control Room.

And, of course, creators will be able to directly link their Shopify store to their YouTube channel in a few simple steps. Eligible creators will then have the ability to display products across their channel whilst benefitting from Shopify’s real-time inventory syncing.

Creators wanting to learn more about how to connect their Shopify stores can do so here.