Agh, what’s that creeping up over there!? It’s October. Time to get spooky sounds sorted for your Halloween content. Don’t be scared though, Synchedin has got you covered!

The air is cooling, the leaves are turning, and something wicked this way comes. Halloween can mean different things to people. Some like to go all in with the horror and terrifying tales that have evolved and mutated over the centuries. Others prefer to take a cuter, more colourful approach. “Spoopy” tends to replace blood-sucking vampires with adorable dogs draped in bedsheets. You get the idea.

Regardless of how you enjoy observing Halloween, if you’re a content creator you just need to make sure that you are observing it. If you’re growing a channel on YouTube, keeping up with trends and seasons is a strong way to attract views and entice new subscribers. Seasonal content enables you to create your regular style of content from a different angle. This helps to keep things on your channel fresh, and your audience interested.

It’s the same if you share video content on any online platform. Businesses who utilise social media channels like Instagram as a marketing tool will benefit from keeping in line with current themes and trends. Whether your goal is to grow your audience, boost sales, or connect with your following, creating spooky content is a trick you actually won’t want to pass on this Halloween.

Halloween Content Ideas

If you’re a vlogger who creates long-form video, you have a whole world of possibilities to play with. Don’t overlook short-form ideas though! YouTube Shorts can help build your channel, and lend themselves to snappy, fun, spoopy content.

Now that Reels and TikTok have introduced longer time limits, you can have fun with short or mid-length videos across social channels too. If you need a little help getting the ideas flowing, check out our suggestions below.

  • Costume Ideas/Inspiration – This works pretty much regardless of what your usual niche is. It’s obviously perfect if you create fashion & style content, or if you focus on crafts. But, everyone can get on board with a fun, Halloween costume showcase.
  • New Range Unveiling – If you’re a business that creates and sells products, there’s no better time for revealing a brand-new range and giving it a spooky spin.
  • Competitions – Running Halloween themed competitions is fantastic for boosting audience engagement. It could be as simple as a caption contest, or a seasonal giveaway. Ask your audience to come up with their creepiest, original horror-style creature, and announce your favourite in a later video.
  • Pumpkin Carving – An absolutely classic Halloween activity, you can film your attempts at carving a jack-o-lantern, and go as serious or silly as you see fit. If you’re talented in this area, it’ll be an inspirational watch. If you’re kind of hopless, at least it’ll make people chuckle.
  • Halloween Pranks – We love to watch people get stitched up, don’t we? Spooky season is the perfect month to indulge in our darker sides, and revel in other people’s minor misfortunes. Film yourself pranking your pals and capture their reactions. A fake eyeball in a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, or fake spiders under pillows are easy winners.

Spooky Sounds for Videos

No Halloween video is complete without the spooky sounds. If you’re planning a convincingly terrifying, realistic production, or if you just want silly sound effects to ham things up, we can help.

Synchedin offers a devilishly good range of Halloween appropriate collections. Looking for sinister sounds? Look no further. Plus, the Synchedin Halloween Store has everything you need to create a convincingly creepy Halloween soundscape.

Music is crucial to setting the mood and producing an atmosphere. Our Spooky Sci-Fi Instrumentals collection is ideal for building tension in the background. Eerie synthesised sounds come to you courtesy of Kevin Macleod, whilst Pablo Samonta dishes up a dose of dark refrains. There’s also the Music for Drama collection, to help you create edge-of-your-seat moments.

All sounds on Synchedin are either royalty free or under the creative commons license (CC0). This means you can get your claws on some spooky sounds for free, or access unlimited downloads of every sound for a small subscription. No frightening fees or sneaky costs to be found around here!

Sign up to Synchedin now, and start scavenging your spooky sounds in time for Halloween.