Second only to Google, YouTube is one of the biggest websites in the world. So naturally it’s a huge social and marketing tool. Here’s how to increase YouTube subscribers for free!

Gaining more subscribers isn’t just an exercise in vanity or a goal for bragging rights. It’s the key to increasing your reach on the platform, therefore unlocking your channel’s monetisation potential. It takes 1000 subscribers to join the YouTube partner programme and monetise your channel, so the sub count really does matter. Attracting new subscribers organically is the best move you could make and, as luck would have it, it’s also the free method. If you’re unsure on what we mean when we say “organic”, check out this post on organically increasing Instagram followers. Yes, it is a different platform altogether, but the principle translates to increasing YouTube subscribers. Bought subscribers rarely equal an engaged audience, and can give your channel a bit of a bad look. So, it’s not hard to see why opting for organic growth is best for your reputation and your bank account!

Ask for Subscribers

This tip may seem a little obvious, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook the basics. You can simply increase YouTube subscribers by straight up asking. You may find that your videos get a decent amount of viewers, but not many of them are converting to subscribers. Give them a friendly reminder in your outro, and remember to point out the notification bell, so they stay up to date with your content. This doesn’t need to be pushy. If you’re passionate about your content and your viewers love it too, just highlight your excitement to share it with them through your channel.

Get Involved

Again, this concept is very similar to how to gain Instagram followers. Engaging with your community and showing your face will get you noticed and, as a result, more subscribers. Responding to comments or following other channels back is a super easy but effective way to make friends and get involved. Also, promoting the channels you love or are influenced by is a sure fire way to create healthy connections and show your enthusiasm.

Playlist to Your Strengths

The way you organise your playlists can have a massive impact on your channels watch-time. Do you have a series of videos that reeled in a tonne of viewers? Making your best content clearly visible on your channel can encourage viewers to subscribe. Playlists are easy to binge, making viewers are far more likely to want to keep up to date with your related content.

Healthy Competition

Drum up interest and engagement with a contest on your channel. Contests and giveaways are an excellent and easy way to get your viewers to subscribe and spread the word. By offering a prize relevant to you and your audience, viewers can enter the contest by subscribing to your channel. Make sharing the contest on their social media accounts an entry requirement, you’ve got free marketing right there!

Consistency is Key

As with all social media platforms, keeping a consistent schedule for posting is largely beneficial. It may be tempting to release as many videos as you can in a short space of time to begin with. Although quantity is definitely important, so is quality and reliability. Posting 5 videos one week, then nothing for two weeks, then just one video isn’t going to look great. Viewers will subscribe to great quality content if they know when to expect it. Start out with a regular slot of one video a week, then increase as your popularity grows – and if it’s sustainable.

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