This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Little Ghosts Dance, is a fun & light-hearted Halloween theme, perfect for any upcoming spooky content!

Michael Herter, also known as Sibviolin, is a professional musician, violinist and music producer. Known for their bountiful copyright free music catalogue, which spans across almost all musical genres, Michael’s music has appeared in countless shows, YouTube content and TikToks around the world.

We applaud his goal, which is to “make music accessible by giving an opportunity to every single person who strives to make their creative projects impressive”. This is very much reflected in his impressive musical output, where many musical bases, including gaming music, background jazz and even indie bedroom pop, have been covered authentically and professionally.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Little Ghosts Dance, is a true testimony to his mission. Immediately, it’s clear that this track is a fun, light-hearted albeit spooky number which would prove perfect to sync with a wide array of upbeat, Halloween content.

Our Spotlight track this week begins with a jaunty harpsichord playing a classically comedic chromatic walking bass line. It doesn’t take long before some even more humorous, and perhaps even flatulent, tuba parts enter.

A Halloween track is simply not a Halloween track until the skeleton-rib-cage-playing xylophone begins playing. Luckily for Michael, he’s wasted no time in introducing this key element!

It’s almost impossible to not hear how amazingly this week’s Synchedin Spotlight would accompany a silly YouTube Short or Halloween themed video or podcast.

You can download Michael Herter’s entire royalty free music catalogue from Synchedin.

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