A very crowded place, it can be hard to stand out online. Check out these smart ways to promote a YouTube channel for free!

As one of the most visited sites online, second only to Google, YouTube plays host to an array of people. You can find a channel for pretty much anything, no matter how niche. However, it is incredibly difficult to be a truly unique channel.

Plenty of people earn money through YouTube, with some even managing to live very plush lives as a result. But, there are over 37 million channels on the video sharing site! So, how can you push yours in order to increase views and gain subscribers? Here are some of the easiest ways to promote a YouTube channel today.


YouTube playlists are important for a number of reasons. As you add more content to your channel, you risk it becoming difficult to navigate. Playlists ensure all your videos are kept tidy and easy to find, but also encourage a good binge. Another great point for playlists, is that you can pop all your best content at the top of your channel. This means that anyone visiting will immediately see all your coolest videos, and be drawn in to explore more.


The main purpose of YouTube is to share videos, right? But you can comment on those videos and engage with other users, much like a social media site. So, try to think of it as just that! Becoming part of a community is going to get your name out there and form meaningful connections with others. Doing this is incredibly easy and can feel rewarding. Commenting on others’ videos, liking comments posted on yours, and even just liking other peoples’ videos. It’s all good, and it’s all going to eventually result in more people heading to your channel.

Keywords & SEO

Utilising your competition or channels successfully doing stuff similar to yours is certainly no crime. It’s actually pretty shrewd market research that will benefit you big time. Take a look at your competitor’s most popular videos and pay attention to the titles. I’m sure you’ve noticed that YouTube’s top goal is to keep you on the platform for as long as possible. Well, you should share that goal too as it’s going to get your view count up.

A way to do this is to use descriptive and eye-catching words in your titles – keywords. Not only will they entice viewers to stick with your channel, but they will help the algorithm sort your videos into relevant piles. Thus giving your video a better chance of being recommended at the end of a relevant one, even if it’s someone else’s channel.

Giving your videos eye-catching titles full of keywords is great for SEO. If you’re not too hot on this concept, put simply it means making things “Google friendly”. Also, tutorial videos and longer-form videos rank highly on the search engine, making you more visible to others.

Healthy Competition

Drum up interest and engagement with a contest on your channel. Contests and giveaways are an excellent and easy way to promote a YouTube channel. They get viewers who float around your channel now and then to subscribe and also spread the word. By offering a prize relevant to you and your audience, viewers can enter the contest by subscribing to your channel. Make sharing the contest on their social media accounts an entry requirement, you’ve got free marketing right there!

Be Social

Following on from that point, make use of all the free social media platforms available to you. It’s rare that a popular YouTuber is only present on YouTube. The majority will have a decent following on sites like Twitter and Instagram too. You can gain followers on Instagram and Twitter using hashtags, engagement, and posting great content. By sharing snippets of your YouTube content on these platforms could convert your followers into more subscribers.

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