Synchedin offers a range of sound effects (SFX) under a couple of licensed. But what’s the difference between CC0 and royalty free?

Get all the important information about using sound effects from Synchedin, as well as how you can share your own SFX with other creators.

Royalty Free

Royalty free can be simplified down to “free of royalty”. This basically means that whenever the sound (this also applies to music) is used, a royalty does not need to be paid to the original creator. Instead, you can pay once for the rights to use the recording, and it is yours to use in perpetuity.

So, regarding Synchedin’s SFX, your subscription payment covers all the effects on the platform. For just $3.99 per month or $39.99 annually you get access to tonnes of SFX to use for your video projects, and they’re yours to keep. We think that’s a pretty sweet deal!

Creative Commons

Creative commons actually covers a number of different licenses. In general, it means that the recordings are free to use. The SFX on Synchedin are under the creative commons zero (CC0) license. The original creator has given over the asset for public use with no copyright protection. This gives you complete freedom over how you use the effect.

For Contributors

If you enjoy creating your own SFX, then you should really think about sharing your work! Whether it’s an act of altruism or you’re looking for some passive income, becoming a Synchedin contributor is the answer.

Since adding the SFX platform to the Synchedin site, we are super excited to build our creator and contributor community. We believe that art is best shared, and that all types of creatives can come together to create beautiful things.

Uploading your SFX couldn’t be simpler, and won’t stop you being able to enjoy the creator side of Synchedin as well. It’s totally up to you whether you decide to share your SFX as royalty free or CC0. The difference between the two licenses is that CC0 sound effects will be available to everyone, for free, with or without a subscription.

So, if you’d like your SFX to be available for creators to use in YouTube videos or their TikTok skits, sign up as a contributor today!

The difference between royalty free and CC0 SFX on Synchedin is the subscription.

If you choose to subscribe to the platform you will have access to all the SFX on the site! However, if you’d rather hold off on a subscription you can still sign up and take advantage of all the free CC0 effects. You can’t say we’re not good to you!