Sungazer’s music is described as hard-hitting Jazz Fusion, 8-bit, Progressive Rock and EDM. With such a meld of genres, you may not know what to expect, but let’s set the genre cards aside for a second, and prepare for gorgeous rhythm and juicy bass. So much thick, juicy bass.

Sungazer walked on stage to a humble original backing track, but quickly blew up the humdrum of Hoxton with the first note of their opening track, Threshold. The single release from their phenomenal album, Perihelion.

Laced with music theory titbits and polyrhythm banter, Sungazer served us thicc slices of groove pie from start to finish.

There’s an old saying of “If the wind changes, your face will stick“, and I was genuinely worried that with one small breeze, I would be permanently stank faced from this gig.

After a couple of tracks, we were given the heads-up by bassist Adam Neely, on Macchina. One of many tracks where drummer, Shawn, splits the rhythm of his body to take us on a polyrhythmic journey. This was welcomed by everyone in the audience, and our conglomerate thought being shouted by one guy saying “mess me up, Shawn”, to which Shawn obliged.

There was an interesting crowd of jazzers and music theory nerds. Some punters were wearing t-shirts with “repetition legitimizes”, lauding a subtle nod to Neely’s Music Theory based YouTube channel.

Sungazer are influenced by their time at Berkley College of Music, all things jazz, and video game soundtracks. If you get the opportunity to see Sungazer live, take it!

Icarus could sure take a lesson or two from these guys on how to soar so close to the sun.

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