Doom fans, rejoice! Music producer Striked lands this week’s Synchedin Spotlight with their rockin’ royalty free rendition of Doom OST music.

Striked is an electronic music producer who has been making music since 2017. Their music has been recently added to Synchedin, and we’re very excited to have them on board.

While their catalogue of music isn’t enormous just yet, the sheer quality of Striked songs is unparalleled. It’s no well-kept secret that many of Striked’s music is heavily inspired by the DOOM Eternal original soundtrack (or OST for short). Furthermore, they even state that this week’s Synchedin Spotlight Doom Is Eternal is inspired by Mick Gordon, the original extreme metal composer for the DOOM Eternal soundtrack.

Not only is music by Striked free from copyright claims, unlike genuine DOOM Eternal OST tunes, their music also sounds authentic enough to have been lifted directly out of the game. Syncing Doom Is Eternal to your gaming content is a bit of a no-brainer if you ask us!

Striked currently has 3 DOOM Eternal OST inspired tracks available on Synchedin: Doom Is Eternal, Synthetic Metal and Beyond Eternal – each as aptly named as the last. We’d also argue that 7-Year-Stand-By also comes across as delightfully DOOM-y!

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a thumping guitar riff, filtering out from the very depths of the frequency range. In true metal style, after the riff cycles round a few times, all hell breaks loose once the drums and bass enter the scene.

Following a blast of double kick drums, a fantastically stylistic synth bass keeps the pace before another hectic round of riffs and synth leads. Tracks by Striked are all superb examples of how heavy EDM music and alternative rock production styles are actually much more similar than they are different! Striked does a brilliant job of blending the two styles seamlessly – we can’t wait to hear more.

Grab a subscription to Synchedin today and download all of Striked’s DOOM Eternal inspired tracks for your gaming content!