Working from home is sticking around, and Anker have clocked this. Find out about their new home office range and brand-new webcam here.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic (sorry, we’ll be able to stop talking about it one day) swept the globe, the way the world works has changed significantly. Office life quickly turned into home office life, and it appears things won’t be simply reverting any time soon. Impressively, most have adapted and managed to stay productive working from home. The reliance on video conferencing has grown as Zoom meetings have taken over physical get-togethers.

As virtual teamwork has gained dominance in the world of work, the need for a decent webcam has risen. Electronics company, Anker have branched out with AnkerWork, their new range of home office equipment. They debut this line with the PowerConf C300, a high performing webcam with professionalism at the heart of everything it does.

PowerConf C300

Announced the very same day that Microsoft revealed its Modern Webcam and USB-C speaker, Anker is taking on the office big names. The PowerConf C300 is a 1080p webcam, featuring an “AI” chipboard. This “provides a high-quality image with accurate color reproduction and unparalleled low-light performance.” The C300 has three options when it comes to angles of view: 78 degrees for close-ups, 90 for mid-view and 120 degrees for a wide angle frame. The AI technology enables the webcam to ensure that subjects are always centred in the frame, whether this be one person or a group.

The dual stereo microphones with noise-cancelling features means fantastic audio. However, you do have the option to use an external microphone if you want to. In many cases you need additional equipment for great lighting for webcam videos. But, the C300 performs fantastically in low-light, making it ideal for any conference calls held late in the day.

The PowerConf C300 is available now for $129.99 in the US, €129.99 in Germany, and £119.00 in the UK. Also rivalling Microsoft’s new speaker, Anker also announced the PowerConf S500, a conferencing speaker of their own. So, if you’re still working on projects from home, you’ve got a great range of options for your home office set up.