Now that we’ve launched our images platform, you can contribute your snaps! Let us explain what the image submission requirements are, so you can upload with ease.

You might love getting action shots inside the tube amongst the surf, or maybe you favour a still life scene. Whatever you like to capture, we’d love to help you share it.

If you’re a photographer with a portfolio you’re proud of, get it uploaded to Synchedin, and you could even earn a passive income. Your images could help businesses make their websites look fantastic, or feature on brands’ grids on Instagram.

You get to decide whether your images are available for free on a creative commons (CC0) license, or offered as part of a subscription as royalty free images. Either way, you’ll earn a neat little sum any time your images are downloaded. But, before that can happen, you’ll need to meet the image submission requirements. We’ll run you through exactly what they are right here!

File Format

We accept JPG and PNG image files on Synchedin. We do not accept PSD files, or images with any layers.

Colour Profile

We offer images in the sRGB colour space. If you upload images that do not use this colour profile your images will be converted to sRGB, so the colours are likely to be altered slightly in this conversion process. 

We would recommend converting your images to sRGB before you upload them.

File Size & Dimensions

Images must be a minimum of 4 megapixels (2592 px by 1520 px), and be exported at the highest quality settings possible.

Images must be a minimum of 72 DPI.

The maximum file size you can upload is 50mb – Remember megabytes is very different to megapixels.

Dos and Don’ts

In order to protect yourself and other artists, we have a few simple rules that need to be followed on the site. Let’s start off with the things you absolutely can do:

  • Upload original content – you must own 100% of the rights to your images
  • Respect people’s right to privacy – We love street photography, but keep in mind that images focusing on individuals require consent and proof of permission

And now, onto the things you shouldn’t do:

  • Add watermarks, graphics, borders or text to your images
  • Upload copyright material
  • Submit multiple edits of the same image
  • Over edit images – obviously editing involves stylistic preference, but try not to oversaturate or get too extreme
  • Upload explicit content
  • Upload images of celebrities without permission

You can be a contributor and still subscribe to Synchedin as a creator. So, if you’re looking for awesome royalty free music or a great catalogue of SFX, sign up today!