Instagram Remix is the platform’s answer to TikTok Duets. Find out exactly what it is and how you can create your own Reels remixes here!

Duets from TikTok are a way for people to interact with one another’s videos. Users can record reaction videos alongside the original, or contribute extra elements. Musicians have been having fun creating duets, collaborating with other artists to cover or develop songs.

Instagram had already taken on TikTok, releasing its own short-form video feature, Reels. However, many users simply used this feature to further promote their TikTok content on another platform. In response, Instagram stated it will not be promoting TikTok watermarked videos on the Reels platform as widely. So, it seems like the platform is encouraging people to choose between the two apps.

To further compete with the video-sharing giant, Instagram Remix was launched. An addition to Reels, you can split the screen to record your own Reel next to an existing one. This will only be available for new Reels, so unfortunately old Reels cannot be dueted (or remixed, we should say).

How to use Instagram Remix

Creating a Remix is super simple. Just tap on the three dots icon on the Reel you wish to remix, and hit “Remix this Reel”. Remember, this will only be available on new Reels.

Also, new Reels will have Remix auto-enabled, but users can disable this option at any time.

Once you have recorded your Remix, you will be able to tweak the audio levels. This means adding your own take on a song can be executed smoothly and like a pro. You can also add a voice-over, great for narrating any antics you may be getting up to in your video.

Any Remixes you upload will appear in the Reels tab on your Instagram profile. You will be notified if anybody decides to Remix one of your Reels, so you can keep track of others’ activity.

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