Synchedin Spotlight has landed, and this week it’s the effortlessly cool 00 Gauge by Si Spex. Get to know more about it here!

00 Gauge comes from the 2020 album 2 Sides of Barry by hip-hop composer and producer, Si Spex. This is the first LP Si Spex has released in over 20 years, and it’s a cracker. Having found popularity over on YouTube with his alter-ego, Barry Beats, you can hear that impressive knowledge of hip-hop breaks being showcased throughout his music. Supplying solid listening pleasure and musical enlightenment, Si Spex has utilised his decades of experience to craft a track in 00 Gauge that will get you moving.

Our Synchedin Spotlight track this week kicks off with instrumentation reminiscent of a 1960s spy flick set on the French Riviera. Clean electric guitar chords help drive the track, but it’s the relentless hip-hop drum beat that does the heavy lifting. A recurring short melodic phrase gives the song character, being played on the autoharp. Think “Sherlock Holmes in a pair of Ray Bans”. Further melodic layering is added in, in the form of Spanish style guitar, reinforcing the sunny, European mood.

For its brevity, this track artfully manages to pack in a good four or five sections, each with their own force of momentum. The song closes with some sleuthy muted brass, not out of place in a classic Bond film. Impossible not to nod your head to, Si Spex has created a tune that is stylish, sophisticated, and full of groove.

2 Sides of Barry was released on Si Spex’s very own label, New-Bap. It showcases two distinct skill sets. “The A-side is traditional in nature and made up of samples, while the B-side is 100% sample free, all cooked up inside the computer using just VST instruments.” You can hear more from Si Spex by following him on Spotify and Instagram. We also highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel for more of that hip-hop and production wisdom.

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