If you’re taking your first steps into the video editing game, you may need some pointers. Check out this tutorial on Premiere Pro to get you started!

There are plenty of video editing software options available to work with. Your skill level, as well as budget, will dictate which one you go for. DaVinci Resolve is an incredibly powerful free software, but has a fairly steep learning curve. iMovie comes free with Mac, but is comparatively limited in its capabilities.

A firm favourite amongst editors, and an industry standard software, is Premiere Pro from Adobe. Whilst it isn’t free, you can try out the free trial for 7 days. Plus, if you’re a student, you can bag a serious discount of over 65%.


Since we, fortunately, live in an age where you can find a video online teaching you how to do pretty much anything, you can learn video editing for free. You could try and guide yourself through this process, but locating a thorough yet engaging tutorial will speed things along.

We’ve found this tutorial on Premiere Pro, by Kriscoart. Kris, who runs the channel, is a passionate filmmaker and holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes to video editing. His video breaks down how to use Premiere Pro in just 20 minutes!

Structured and aimed at beginners who have little to no previous experience with Premiere Pro, this video covers all the fundamentals. From sequences, to audio, to special effects, Kris takes you through each process with a clear and easy to understand approach.

For complete beginners, this tutorial on Premiere Pro really does start right at the beginning, from loading up the software itself.

Getting to grips with an unfamiliar video editing software can be daunting at first. This video introduces you to the layout of Premiere, helping you to get to know the software before you get to work.

It’s worth nothing that this particular video was uploaded in 2015. The software has inevitably undergone updates in the interim. However, this tutorial still an incredibly useful and free learning resource for beginner video editors.