Synchedin legend Michael Herter steals the show once again with their captivating new jazzy heist soundtrack tune Chasing Fortune.

Michael Herter has been providing high quality royalty free music to Synchedin for a considerable amount of time now. Known for their unparalleled compositional skills and impressive versatility, Herter has a song somewhere in his extensive catalogue to accompany any vibe you’d like to achieve in your content.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with an uptempo walking bassline played on a double bass. We’re already off to a jazzy start. Some excitable hand percussion enters, which is reminiscent of Alan Tew‘s The People’s Court theme tune.

A lively brass section doesn’t waste any time in introducing themselves shortly after. Squealing trumpets and huge reverbs give this jazzy number a convincing big band swing feel.

In a similar big band vein, the introduction of a piano brings the dynamics right down. The pace of Chasing Fortune never once slips, giving any accompanying content a lot of drive and momentum.

The numerous brass stabs amidst the chromatic scales lend this track to be used alongside an exciting heist montage scene, akin to the likes of those found in iconic films such as Ocean’s Eleven.

Even if you’re not planning on shooting a multi-million dollar budget heist film anytime soon, it’s easy to hear how using Chasing Fortune can add a lot of ironic humour to your content!

Add some jazzy excitement to your content by syncing Chasing Fortune to your content!

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