If you’re looking for cutesy acoustic music to accompany your gaming videos, we have the Synchedin collection for you. Introducing, Royalty Free Animal Crossing Music!

On YouTube, you’ll find channels and videos dedicated to just about anything you could imagine. Some more vague, others much more focussed on their niche. Unsurprisingly, there is an enormous amount of gaming related channels.

Not all of this is what you’d think, though. Yes, some gaming channels are hosted by Twitch streamers looking for alternative revenue. But, a lot of channels are out there to simply appreciate and show some love for their favourite games. Whether that’s through reviews, gameplay, sharing news, you name it.

One game that consistently gets shown a lot of love is Nintendo’s Animal Crossing.

This game also gained an awful lot of popularity during the pandemic, acting as a form of escapism for those stuck inside during lockdown restrictions. In particular, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which was released for the Switch in 2020, has garnered significant popularity on YouTube.

Some channels dedicated to the game include Miss Acnh, consolecaito, Katie on Calla Cove, and Dagnel. Each of these YouTubers have tens of thousands of subscribers, with a couple even breeching 100k!

Run Your Own Gaming Channel

If the idea of playing and talking about your favourite games on camera, and potentially earning money from it, sounds appealing, we can help.

Starting a YouTube is a big step, that involves much more than simply creating an account. You’ve got to think up a stand-out channel name, as well as find your style as a content creator. On top of this, you also need the right equipment to help you produce high quality content. We’ve listed some of the best vlogging kits for beginners, to help you on your way.

One thing we definitely know to be true about running a YouTube channel is that you need to use great music. Featuring background music in your videos is important for a number of reasons. It shows off your personality, helps to add drama, engages your audience, and sets the tone.

We don’t think that finding awesome music for videos should be difficult. But what about when you’re after music for your new ACNH channel?

Royalty Free Animal Crossing Music

At Synchedin, we want to make sure we’ve got everyone covered. That most certainly includes the people who want to run Animal Crossing channel on YouTube, and use music that won’t get them into copyright bother or stop their revenue.

Sound a bit specific? We don’t care!

With our Royalty Free Animal Crossing Music collection, you can find music that sounds just like it’s from the game. The difference is, it’s music by fantastic independent artists, with the sync license covered on every track. That means you can use it freely in your videos, without fear of copyright claims or strikes.

We’ve taken the hassle out of adding great music, so you have more time to play games and create content!

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