Thoughtful singer-songwriter lyricism and punchy vocals galore. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Flowers by Sarah Molly!

Sarah Molly is a versatile singer-songwriter from San Luis Obispo in California. Her music spans genres, time and space, resulting in tracks that are off the wall and enjoyably original. A self-confessed cat lover, the production of music from her tiny bedroom lends itself to this artist’s DIY, no nonsense brand. Both lyrically-driven and melodically pleasing, Sarah Molly’s back catalogue offers acoustic gentility, electronic empowerment, and folksy vocal harmonies.

Flowers is one of a few singles released in 2021 by this artist. Unlike the others, there is no extensive production or accompanying electronic sounds. The rawness and familiarity of the track comes in the form of a candid-feeling recording, that could’ve been captured on your phone recorder.

Nothing but strong, sure vocals and unfussy acoustic guitar leave plenty of room for the lyrics to take centre stage. Love lost and the struggle to let it go drives the introspective lyrics. The unashamed and open angst is conveyed in the occasionally slightly shaken vocal delivery. Each verse offers relatable checkpoints experienced in the dying out of a relationship, providing even more connection between listener and artist. Not without her signature whimsical humour, though, you will find a reference to cats here too.

The swooping chorus melody successfully lodges itself in your brain, creating an undeniably expressive hook. Playing with rhythm, the verses that follow the bridge give a change of pace and energy to Flowers. An altogether more caustic and sharp attitude is felt, before sinking back to the delicate and vulnerable.

This track uncannily moves through each emotion felt after a less than amicable parting, celebrating the raw power of voice and language. Honest and open, Flowers is a track crying out to feature in coming of age movies, and emotional short films.

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