Have you heard of TikTok? Of course, you have. But have you heard of duet videos on TikTok? Let us tell you what they are and how to make one!

The duet feature on TikTok is when two videos are placed side by side. This means you can respond to a video with your own video, or even mash together two of your own creations. Lots of brands, personalities and businesses have been utilising this feature as a great form of advertising and promotion. Many musicians and bands have been playing with the feature too, enabling fans to play along with their favourite artists. Ed Sheeran recently invited users of the app to duet with him on his latest hit “Afterglow”. However, not everyone responded the way he probably imagined they would… Bad luck, Ed.

So, how can you create your very own TikTok duets for people to rev their sewing machines to? It’s really simple to do, and gives you plenty of opportunities to get creative.

Once you’ve created your duet, you can actually share it across multiple platforms. Grow your social media audience by sharing TikTok videos to Instagram. It’s worth noting, though, that Instagram will no longer promote TikTok videos on reels, although they are still viewable.

How to Search for Duets

As it stands, TikTok does not notify you when somebody duets with your video.

However, you can search for a duet on TikTok linked to a specific user. You just need to know the username of the person who posted the original video. All you need to do is type “duet @[username of original poster]” into the search bar.

You will then be given the most popular results and duet videos – happy scrolling!

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