We are celebrating 8 bit with our new Synchedin artist, Dubmood. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the joyous Force De Frappe!

We have recently been lucky enough to welcome Dubmood to Synchedin, and add his myriad of great chiptune and 8bit style tracks to the catalogue. Now residing in Marseilles, Dubmood has strong roots in the pre-internet software piracy scene. Long-time member of the infamous Norway based Razor 1911, a software cracking group, Dubmood has become somewhat of a style originator and reference point in the chip music community. From 1998 Dubmood set to work with rigour, creating Keygen and Crack Intro music.

Force De Frappe has unmistakable references to the video games of yore. Wonderfully Street Fighter-esque, it is more of a blend of synth pop ferocity and 80’s pulsing drum machines. Fuzzy, slightly distorted synth leads give nod to the crunching 8-bit music created from old computer chip boards. Added punch comes in the form of associate, GEM TOS and her cool yet attitudinal vocals. The track holds an unrelenting driving force in the beat, with textures altering throughout thanks to the layering of different synth pads. We are given some respite, however, in a more reflective and ambient section, two thirds of the way in. But don’t get too comfortable, as this is all in preparation for a finale of swirling arpeggiated melodies sweeping madly across several octaves. All seamlessly heading back into that steadfast, determined drum beat to lead the exit.

Dubmood most recently released an album, Bloodbags and Downtube Shifters, in the summer of 2020. You can keep up with his work on SoundCloud, Spotify and Facebook.

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