Spanish music producer and beat maker extraordinaire Don Peligro secures this week’s Synchedin Spotlight with their spooky trap beat PRETTY.

Don Peligro is an electronic music producer and beat maker hailing from the Canary Islands. He began dropping hip hop and reggaeton beats publicly on his SoundCloud around 2 years ago.

At the time of writing, Don Peligro has an impressive number of beats with significant stream counts on his Spotify profile. With a top song boasting around three quarters of a million streams, Powah (feat. Cruz Cafuné), as well as receiving approximately 30,000 monthly listeners, it is clear that Don Peligro is a respected beat maker in the rap community.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight begins with a crispy, almost lo-fi-esque drum loop. A wobbly bell sounding synth melody fades in to accompany. Before long, trap hi hats and extra percussion parts join in, firmly placing this particularly beat well in the trap subgenre.

It’s easy to hear how this beat could fit particularly well in a YouTube video montage, hip hop podcast or even as a channel intro beat.

After a short while, a sloping counter-melody can be heard, giving this beat another level of depth. The melodies in this beat almost give off a slightly spooky, Halloween type vibe, making this trap beat a perfect, upbeat tune to sync to your fun, Halloween content this spooky season.

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