Lo-Fi legends Basic Beats and Lo-Fi Luke drop their latest single Tunnel Vision – the perfect groove to soundtrack your summer.

Lo-Fi Luke began their musical journey by learning piano, drums, and guitar. Originally producing in EDM & Pop circles, they eventually found a love for making laid back lo-fi instrumentals with groovy drum parts. Their Spotify catalogue consists of a healthy range of slow, sleepy lo-fi lullabies all the way up to upbeat, abstract beat flips.

Newer to the scene, Basic Beats also produces dreamy lo-fi tunes. They share that “the best feeling in the world is when I can relay my emotions into rhythms and melodies”. We believe this is especially noticeable in their music, which reciprocates feelings of peace and calm superbly.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, a collaborative effort between Basic Beats and Lo-Fi Luke, begins with gentle xylophone decorations and guitar slides. A classic hip-hop drum groove enters shortly after, building up to the introduction of the guitar melody.

Groovy chords enhance the stylishness of this track drastically. It’s easy to imagine this track accompanying a highlight reel or montage.

A short, ambient drop gives this track a refreshing sense of space. Shortly before we’re treated to more John Frusciante-esque guitar playing, a sweet lo-fi string sample tees us to the end.

Lo-fi hip hop music has a certain nostalgic versatility to it, making it perfect for accompanying YouTube content. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, Tunnel Vision, is no exception. A driving beat, cool guitar playing and delicious lo-fi tones? Hits the spot every time.

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