Alonestar enters the Synchedin Spotlight once again, with cousin Ed Sheeran in tow, with their eclectic new summer remix of the hit tune, Raise em up.

Jethro Sheeran, a.k.a music producer Alonestar, is no stranger to the Synchedin Spotlight. Hailing from Bristol in the UK, Alonestar has been making waves in the music scene since 2010, when the original tune Raise Em Up dropped featuring international megastar Ed Sheeran. It’s perhaps no big secret that Ed Sheeran is indeed Jethro Sheeran’s younger cousin – who would have guessed!? Over the course of Alonestar’s career, he has worked alongside an array of artists such as Massive Attack, Lil Wayne and legendary rapper Damian Marley to name but a few.

Our Spotlight tune this week begins full of energy and purpose. Kicking off with a solid groove, ideal for mixing in during a lit DJ set, it’s not long before Ed Sheeran vocalises along to the tune of the original Raise Em Up. The beat drops away as a curtain of white noise descends to reveal the catchy Raise Em Up chorus line (albeit slightly sped up!).

Delayed piano chords build up to an exciting reappearance of the drums. This Ellington Dance Remix features some incredibly well produced vocal chops of Ed Sheeran’s vocal line, adding a lot of excitement and texture to an already thumping summer banger. Combined with classic deep house bass synths synonymous with those made by producers such as Philip George, it’s hard not to raise those hands up.

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