Ever wondered which the most popular fart sound effects on Synchedin are? We though so. Here’s a list of everyone’s favourite knee tremblers!

When we think of Foley and sound design, we often think of the best ways to recreate explosions, fire sound effects, or cool whooshes. It’s all rather cinematic and exciting. Of course, lots of sound design involves focussing on slightly more mundane stuff. Glasses tinkling in the washing up bowl, or keys jangling as they unlock a door – it’s all equally important in film and video productions.

Something that probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind is bodily expulsions. Not the most glamorous of subject, we know, but you’d be surprised how much they crop up in film. That’s right – we’re talking fart sound effects.

Whether it’s for comedic effect, or just part of a narrative (although, let’s face it, they’re always pretty funny), farts feature a lot. That’s why it’s no surprise that some Synchedin fart sound effects have gotten a fair amount of love. So, just in case you were looking for some good fart sounds for your next project, here are our top parps!

4. Bouncing Farting Hit

Bouncing Farting Hit is a lovely little number captured by contributor, FxProSound. Short but sweet, it’s your classic airy, satisfyingly ripply fart sound. A classic crowd pleaser.

3. Fart

This sound effect speaks volumes, so a complicated name is unnecessary. Simply titled, Fart, this sound from BigSoundBank playfully teases with a windy run-up to the main event. One of the more expressive cases of flatulence on the list, the rising inflection at the end results in an inquisitive air. If you’re looking for a fart sound steeped in multiple interpretations, this is the one for you.

2. Farting Jet Pass-By

If you’ve wondered what farts sound like in outer space, you need not wonder any more. Farting Jet Pass-By, by FxProSound again, gives us an idea of the sound of farts in the distant future. Use this to give your android film characters a comedically human edge, or simply disguise it in YouTube videos as a sneaky transition effect.

1. Cartoon Farting Mocking Singing

Number 1 on the list, and it might bum you out. It’s not actually even a fart sound, but we don’t make the rules (alright, we do, but, just go with it). Dominating the top fart sound effects list, it’s another one from FxProSound. Sounding very minions à la Despicable Me, Cartoon Farting Mocking Singing is the perfect taunting and blowing raspberries combo. If you’re working on a kid’s cartoon, you’ll probably appreciate this one.